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Bronze Sun

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So what is special about Dragonfly Bridge Studios?

Any design that you see on these pages, sold or not, can be special ordered with:

  • Different metals (gold in place of silver, bronze, etc.).

  • Different colors of enamels for enamelled pieces.

  • Different shapes of cut stones. If a modified shape will not fit the chosen design, I can modify any design to accept a different shaped stone, e.g. change from a round stone to a square stone.

  • Different types, colors and cuts of faceted or cabochon gemstones. Natural stones or lab created colored gemstones are available in all cuts. Diamonds are available.

  • Suggest your own custom design. Send me details of what you are looking for. I can make it for you in the metal and gemstone of your choice.

  • Turnaround time: 2-6 weeks.

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